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Fun—and timeless. We're Applemoon photography. We met in a dark room years ago, and we are still side by side, crafting timeless images. We'd love to take your picture.

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Applemoon Photography and the Bridal Experience

Applemoon Photography cherishes the opportunity of sharing the bridal experience. Shooting someone else's wedding reminds us of our own nuptial, and in a sense, the experience of this shared reality renews us time and again. We cannot recommend a better decision than to marry the one you love and remain newly wed each and every year. We have such a feeling of gratitude and humility for being welcomed into the emotional bridal preparations.

Special Moments, An Exhalation of Relief

There are so many favorite moments of ours during the bridal party, especially since there are so many changes that occur during each part. Perhaps the best of all is seeing the bride and groom share a sigh of relief after the ceremony. The feelings of pride, joy, and peace hang in the air. In this instant, it is the only time the couple will be alone during the festivities, so it's a form of catharsis that we know is all too important. We love the sense of sharing this personal moment with the couple.

Our Classic Style

We love shooting bridals with couples who have used us as engagement photographers, though it's not necessary for our services. We find that it works so well when a couple works with us for their engagement shoot, because it is through that session that we initiate a warm and productive bond, making the bridal shoot all the more organic. You'll find that our photographic style is always natural and classic, never posed. We aim for a style as vibrant and enduring as a couple's love.

Applemoon Photography Indoors and Outdoors

Applemoon Photography shoots bridal photography not only in San Luis Obispo, but also Paso Robles bridals, Santa Margarita bridals, Edna Valley bridals, Arroyo Grande bridals, Avila Beach bridals, Pismo Beach bridals, and Santa Barbara. Their cameras get especially ecstatic capturing barn bridals, vineyard bridals, winery bridals, private estate bridals, and beach bridals. Each location is made as special as the couple who is getting married there by their very presence. No matter if you both choose an indoor or outdoor wedding, the surroundings are a mirror image of your characters and your love for one other.